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Carlsbad Mobile Dog Grooming

Is your Labrador shedding more than usual? Well you can’t blame them, especially taking into account the arid weather of Carlsbad, CA. Maybe it’s time for a routine visit to the dog groomer. But why should you drive all the way to a grooming service in this suffocating hot Carlsbad weather when it can come right at your doorstep? That’s right, the Fairy Dog Mother makes dog grooming much more convenient, thanks to his mobile dog grooming service in Carlsbad.
Yes, it is now possible to have your canine friend all readied up without even leaving the comfort of your seat! Just give the Fairy Dog Mother a call and he’ll take care of the rest.

Specially Equipped Mobile GroomingWith his Mobile Dog Grooming service van, Tony can give your dog a full grooming service no matter where you’re located within the Carlsbad area, be it the North East quadrant or the South West. The van is basically a grooming saloon on wheels, with running hot water, grooming tables and electrical appliances such as hair dryers. Not only that, but Tony also keeps a set of comforters for your dog to relax on while getting the treatment.


A Complete Grooming ServiceThe main difference between the Fairy Dog Mother’s grooming and other mobile dog grooming services in Carlsbad is that while the latter use a generalized grooming treatment for all dogs, Tony understands the special needs that particular dog breeds require.

Did you know that a Yorkie has actual hair rather than fur, which is why it is necessary to treat it as such. A usual run of the mill dog shampoo can cause itching and dry skin, which can lead to further problems such as hair fall. Tony has been working with dogs for the past fourteen years, having had experience with all sorts of breeds from small Chihuahuas to gigantic Mastiffs. This is why he can use his expertise to determine the best grooming treatment for your best friend.

His grooming service makes sure each strand of your dog’s fur has been trimmed down to equal levels, leaving a continuous rich coat that even Rin Tin Tin would envy. Watch your best friend’s show quality coat gleam in the sunny Carlsbad, CA weather.

Health Triumphs Everything ElseBesides being an animal lover himself, Tony also has solid credentials as a veterinarian recommended groomer, having worked in the animal healthcare industry for more than a decade. This is why he gives utmost importance to health before everything and is able to identify any potential health problems that a dog may be vulnerable to. Ear infections are particularly common among small breeds of dogs, not being easily recognizable in the early stages. The Fairy Dog mother makes sure to check each dog’s ears for infections or any other problems. Regular grooming treatments may just limit themselves to trimming fur, but Tony’s complete dog grooming treatment takes care of everything from the nails to the ears. Remember, a happy dog is a healthy dog!

Completely Natural ProductsOne thing that Tony always adheres to is using natural biodegradable dog shampoo which, while more expensive than usual shampoos, makes sure that your dog doesn’t suffer from itching or any other problems, as this is quite possible with subpar shampoos that can cause dry skin in Carlsbad CA weather. With the Fairy Dog Mother’s mobile grooming service, you can be sure of getting your pet the best present ever!