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Del Mar Mobile Dog Grooming

It’s true that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, most of us tend to neglect our best friend at times due to daily life commitments such as a 9 to 5 office job, due to which they might develop certain health problems such as ticks and infections. These problems may accelerate with time if not attended to on a regular basis. Fortunately for Del Mar residents, their Fairy Dog Mother, Tony Choi, brings high quality dog grooming services right in their backyard.

The Specially Equipped Mobile VanYes, it’s now possible to get your dog groomed without even leaving the comfort of your seat. Just give Tony a call and he’ll be there in a jiffy with his specially equipped mobile dog grooming van. The Fairy Dog Mother’s van houses all the things required to do a complete head to tail grooming of your dog, including running hot water, grooming tables, comforters and hair dryers.


Top Class GroomingIf you think that a mobile dog grooming service may not be as good as a brick and mortar groomer in Del Mar, you are quite mistaken. They call Tony the Fairy Dog Mother for a reason; his service is designed to cater to each dog’s individual needs. A Chihuahua may not shed as much, but it can be a nightmare to deal with when giving a bath. A Lab, on the other hand, isn’t as hostile to water, but can form locks of fur that are next to impossible to groom.

The Fairy Dog Mother understands all this, which is why he uses a specific grooming technique for each dog’s requirements. So whether you have a Yorkie that’s not willing to sit down or a Husky that’s very sensitive to temperature, Tony makes sure that he/she gets the best quality mobile dog grooming service in Del Mar.

Natural Biodegradable-ShampoosOne issue that Tony often talks about is the use of non-specialized dog shampoos by most groomers in Del Mar. See, fur and hair are two entirely different things, and though some dogs do have hair coats (such as the Yorkshire Terrier), most of them have fur .It may not seem like a big deal at first, but non-specialized shampoos can potentially be toxic for dogs, accelerating dryness and itching. This is why he makes it a point to use only natural, biodegradable shampoos that are safe to use for dogs.

Health Comes FirstTony has been working with veterinarians for the past 14 years, dealing with all sorts of doggy issues. This is why he believes that health comes before anything. Besides grooming, Tony also focuses his attention on ear cleaning, toe nail trimming, and checking for any discrepancies. Remember, slight health problems may accelerate to huge scales within a matter of time, which is why it is necessary to regularly check your best friend for any irregular signs. And what better way to get your dog checked than with the Fairy Dog Mother’s mobile dog grooming service in Del Mar.