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Rancho Santa Fe Mobile Dog Grooming

dog1Thinking about getting your dog groomed? Don’t have the time to go to a brick and mortar pet groomer for your pet’s needs? Fear not; your fairy dog mother Tony Choi provides everything your dog needs right at your doorstep.

Offering a unique one of a kind service in Rancho Santa Fe, veterinarian recommended groomer Tony Choi can cater to all your dog’s needs through his excellent mobile dog grooming service. Using his expertise in grooming matters along with the help of his specially equipped mobile van, Tony is able to provide thorough and excellent pet service for all regions within the Rancho Santa Fe area.

The Mobile VanIf you thought Scooby Doo was the only dog that enjoyed spending time in a van, you would be wrong. The Fairy Dog Mother’s mobile van is equipped with everything to make sure your dog gets the best grooming service in town, including a grooming table, heated water and comforters for your best friend to rest on.


No Frills Service (Literally)!Tony is a perfectionist himself, which is why he makes sure that every inch of your dog’s fur has been trimmed and cleaned until it’s absolutely spotless. Be it a French poodle or a Lab, Tony can take on the toughest patches of fur like a pro. From head to tail, each strand of fur is brought to the same level as the others to avoid uneven patches. But fur is just one part of the mobile dog grooming package, which also features nail trimming, paw cleaning and ear checking.

All this concludes with a premium wash that gives your dog that show quality look. The rich coat that he/she inherits after the grooming completes would put even the best of pedigreed dogs to shame.

It Doesn’t End At GroomingAs a pet lover himself who has been working with dogs for the past 14 years, Tony believes that a dog’s health is equally as important as their beauty, which is why the Fairy Dog Mother offers a variety of other services as well for Rancho Santa Fe residents, including flea and tick treatment programs, ear checking and specialized skin treatments.